When I first met Thomas he was pouring over the Pythagorean Theorem.  He figured if he could put PLANET EARTH back together again with

a2 + b2 = c2. Note: c is the longest side of the triangle; a and b are the other two sides

…then he would be able to get back HOME!

And, although he had forgotten me altogether, as I had him, he still was working on getting HOME


This WAS interesting!

After a while Thomas saw the futility of his efforts with the Pythagorean Theorem. A CUBE, while good for building houses, would not be able to travel through gravity, he decided. It could not get us back to the PINK PLANET. 






Outcome of Thomas’ Exploration with the Pythagorean Theory: A CUBE

Gravity, that mysterious stuff that a lot of smart people on PLANET EARTH have studied, factors into the PINK PLANET too but in a very different way. Nothing more about that now…let’s just say HUMANS tend to find out the most interesting stuff just by mistake, like when that apple hit Newton on his head.

Falling apple hitting Newton’s head: “Ah, gravity!” he said.










Or like when Thomas was swinging around milk buckets. All the milk spilt out the second he slowed the speed of the buckets swinging around his head.

Thomas swinging around milk buckets

Thomas said that in dropping his explorations of the CUBE, he had just eliminated one possibility, among a million, and that he would simply try another.  He was really quoting another Thomas, a Thomas Edison.

Edison ‘discovered’ electricity on PLANET EARTH.  Of course, this is a hilarious statement in itself because electricity was everywhere always there.  Turn on the lights, please!

Thomas Edison just learned ‘how’ to turn on the lights.  Still it was his persistence in learning that inspired many on PLANET EARTH, Thomas among them. I’m fairly sure Edison was secretly a former PINK PLANET resident. He was fond of saying something like “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.”  In kids’ talk that just means: “bow your head; try again; don’t give up.”

Of course, as it often is here on PLANET EARTH, the kids know a lot more than the adults taking care of them. Funny thing is the adults think THEY know best.  This is very tricky navigating sometimes, because if you get too sassy then the adults do stuff that isn’t too pleasant, like send you to bed without your supper and that sort of thing.

For example, right off the ‘get go,’ Thomas knew how to get HOME.  He had figured everything out almost immediately.  When he was playing marbles one day, he decided PLANET EARTH was a hologram within a sphere and we were on the inside of the sphere, just like his favorite marble. 

This is how he explained the way gravity kept us upright on the ground. He knew in order to get HOME we needed a sphere.  As he explained it to me much, much later, “a sphere is a locus of points which are equal distance from the centre point in three dimensions of space.” I just yawned.

It was the centrifugal force of the spinning sphere that would allow us to overcome gravity. Thomas learned this on a ride at the fairgrounds one year.  You know those rides that spin around and around so fast and then drop the bottom out from underneath?  Eeek! Surprisingly, you still stay against the wall; you don’t fall out.  That’s centrifugal force acting.  It keeps you from falling through space willy nilly.

Thomas decided a spinning sphere would take us out of PLANET EARTH’s atmosphere and once near the PINK PLANET, by varying our speed, allow us to use gravity to drop us back down into the atmosphere of HOME again.

Important PINK PLANET scientists living on PLANET EARTH are working with these very ideas today—well, maybe not exactly THIS idea, but something close. The folks on PLANET EARTH who are really from the PINK PLANET will figure this out very soon, I’m sure. You might be one of them.

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Thomas and his friend from the PINK PLANET think they are going on vacation together when they volunteer to explore PLANET EARTH. They find through many lost friends and lessons that getting back to the PINK PLANET is more challenging then anticipated. Lucky for them, they have their hearts to guide them.


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