42.4406° N, 76.4969° W

This is where I met my friend Noah. He was FROM HOME! I was so excited I was beside myself! Noah reminded me about everything I had forgotten! I was so happy! Even though we weren’t HOME, I felt more at home than ever before because he was one of my own! 

We smelled flowers together!










We swam together!

earth explorer dolphins

Us with the Dolphins

We traveled together, exploring everything we could here on PLANET EARTH, and we made our recordings about our impressions:






earth explorer belly button









We shared everything, just like HOME!

Eating our spinach together on soup spoonsearth explorer spinache

He was so much fun to be with!

Living here on PLANET EARTH was infinitely better because we were together: buddies! At last, I had a friend; someone who knew what I knew and more!

But it wasn’t long into our journey together that he was called to return HOME.  What a bummer!  We were just getting started on our plan and off he went.  I cried. He did the best he could to stay as long as he could, but in the end, he just had to get back.  He had business there at HOME and he was needed there.


50.0833° N, 14.4167° E

After that, I was alone.  I cried a lot during this time. None of it felt like much fun anymore.

I travelled around a bit.

charles bridge prague

Charles Bridge, PRAGUE

I looked under rocks.  I kicked rocks.

I half-heartedly looked about for more evidence of how things work here on PLANET EARTH.  In fact, to my surprise I learned I had visited here before, many times before.


Museum paintings I saw; they look like me!

museum paintings from earth explorer

I saw a few miracles—that’s what they call things here that are unexpected; stuff they don’t think they created that seems to come out of the nowhere. Silly, really. It’s stuff that happens all the time every way, every day, and everywhere at HOME. It happens here the same, but no one seems to believe it.


I got a bit sad, really.

I kicked a few more rocks.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.


41.8500° N, 87.6500° W

Finally, I decided to see whether I might find a few more here on PLANET EARTH who are just like me: from HOME but living away. I went to live in a temple where they SAID everyone there was from HOME but only a few I met actually were.  Some of the others were acting like they were, but were really just eating vegetarian food.

Even so, I learned more about HOME at the temple.  I started to remember my mission, what I was here to do and what I was seeking. This was comforting because it was really the first time, outside of Noah, where I found others who knew what I knew and no one thought I was strange because of what I knew.

I stayed at the temple a long time.  I was worn out from all my travels and I needed a place to restore.  My batteries needed recharging or otherwise I wouldn’t make it through my journey to report back.  I loved our daily activities—everything served to strengthen and preserve me. Mostly I learned how to be a very good friend:

See the best in yourself and others

Love yourself as much as you love others


Clean up your mess

Take good care of yourself

Take good care of others

Stand for the good

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