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I met my friend, Cooper.  He was from HOME also, but the experience with him was completely different than being with Noah. His mission was to straighten me out and get me started out right again.  It was a hard task.  I fought everything he attempted to do with me.  I WAS MY OWN PERSON after all, “the only authority acting in my own life” you know. Still, he taught me relentlessly.  I had picked up a number of bad HUMAN habits in my travels and it was his job to get them out of me: 

Chewing gum

Biting my nails

Picking my teeth


Using my fingers to point at others

Tough assignment.  I wouldn’t have wanted it.  I certainly wasn’t grateful. I didn’t feel a speck of regret for my hateful responses and belligerent actions.  I hated him, I told myself.  Yup!  I’m not proud to admit, I was quite far from HOME, during this period. He wouldn’t give up, though. And to his credit, he accomplished his job.  Here on PLANET EARTH love and hate are very close emotions often. I learned I was more HUMAN than I wanted to admit. Fortunately, we all learn!


31.9554° S, 115.8585° E 

Once Cooper’s task was accomplished, I set out on my travels again, to explore PLANET EARTH and to prepare my reports.  I was pretty sure now about what my mission was and I only had to follow my inner guidance system to take the next step. My heart’s doll was always with me, in my heart, my perfect companion in life, and all I ever had to do was ask her to learn what next to do.

To my surprise, I landed in Australia.  How I got here is a bit of a story in itself. But before I go blurting all that out, I’d like to share with you some of Thomas’ trip.  He and I were not only on opposite sides of PLANET EARTH, we also turned out as ‘polar opposites!’ 

Here on PLANET EARTH that means: DIFFERENT! And, since we are the same, and we both know we are the same, this made meeting each other quite curious. At first we didn’t really even recognize each other.

It had been so long since we first launched our trip off the PINK PLANET.  He looked very different than I remembered and I’m sure—although he’s far too polite to say—I’m a lot different than he expected too.  Hmm, what to make of that!

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Thomas and his friend from the PINK PLANET think they are going on vacation together when they volunteer to explore PLANET EARTH. They find through many lost friends and lessons that getting back to the PINK PLANET is more challenging then anticipated. Lucky for them, they have their hearts to guide them.


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