The Frisbee Master

SPHERE EARTHThe Frisbee Master


Lo, he found his Way

Through others

Who taught him how to catch,

Stay in place, turn,


All he’s ever needed to live

With integrity, fun,

Well-being and love,

He learned

Holding a space for others,

Empowering their well-being,

Creating for all,

A great place to play Frisbee.

He’s fun,

Worth knowing,

Certainly different,

Generally happy.

Loved by others,

Loving everyone,

As Frisbee Master,

He absolutely fits in the world.

Being whole, complete, sovereign

And purposeful, he sees,

“I am well,

Others are well,

This is a well world.”

And he plays his heart in the healing of that.

He’s gotten better at Frisbee.

He’s available, remembering who people are

So when they can’t remember he provides a mirror.

He’s energy for others to add to theirs,

To get where they want to be.

Frisbee’s been a great gift to him,

And to others blessed to pass his catch.

Nurturing and empowering,

He reminds us to play.

His happiness reflects his game.

He himself keeps finding places

Where it’s safe to be curious about his truth.

He picks interpretations that are most empowering,

Those that nurture him through life and teach him the game more fully.

He’s curious and improvising—all games are improv anyway—

…Yes, and…

This is the place to play Frisbee.

He’s just gotten to where he’s always wanted to be.

Those catches are all he’s needed to know

That life is just great.




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