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The Frisbee Master

#EarthExplorer , Pink Planet

The Frisbee Master   Lo, he found his Way Through others Who taught him how to catch, Stay in place, turn, Run. All he’s ever needed to live With integrity, fun, Well-being and love, He learned Holding a space for others, Empowering their well-being, Creating for all, A great place to play Frisbee. He’s fun, […]

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Explorers Journal From The Pink Planet: Part 3

Pink Planet

Moons and Suns and STARS later—a second or two, we arrived.  Me, I came in at Latitude, Longitude: 43 29.2′ N, 83 24.1′ W. And, Thomas, well he landed a lifetime away—something I would only come to realize later here on PLANET EARTH—was a long time—at 35.0167° S, 117.8833° E . Being a gentleman, Thomas […]

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