We agreed! We put up our hands! 

And, you’re right!

It is a risk raising your hand to volunteer when you aren’t exactly sure what you’re getting in to, but it sounded like an adventure!  An opportunity of a lifetime!  The chance to make a difference. What could be more fun: go visit PLANET EARTH, find out what the folks are like, come back and report our findings. Friends! Together! Go travelling!

explorers journal council meeting

To make the most of our visit, THE FOLKS where we are from—more about that later—decided to drop us at opposite points on PLANET EARTH.  The idea WAS that we would work our way toward each other and once found, we would return together. EASY!  Fun! A NEW GAME!  We were so happy to be chosen to go!


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Thomas and his friend from the PINK PLANET think they are going on vacation together when they volunteer to explore PLANET EARTH. They find through many lost friends and lessons that getting back to the PINK PLANET is more challenging then anticipated. Lucky for them, they have their hearts to guide them.


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