Explorers Journal From The Pink Planet: Part 3

Pink Planet

Moons and Suns and STARS later—a second or two, we arrived.  Me, I came in at Latitude, Longitude: 43 29.2′ N, 83 24.1′ W.

And, Thomas, well he landed a lifetime away—something I would only come to realize later here on PLANET EARTH—was a long time—at 35.0167° S, 117.8833° E .

Being a gentleman, Thomas had invited me to go first! Or is it the other way around, the gentlemen go first to safeguard the ladies from danger?  I don’t know; that’s one of those HUMAN things the HUMANs make up. Whatever for, I don’t know, because here on the PINK PLANET we don’t need such things. We aren’t even gentlemen or ladies.  We’re just PINK and that’s enough for everything.

And! PINK doesn’t MEAN anything either!  I say this because having been on PLANET EARTH for so long I know now how HUMANs like to make meaning about stuff that doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just the colour of the atmosphere where we are from.   Everything HOME is sublime.

I must say before going on though, my, my, my, that coming in LANDING was a trip in itself!  I certainly wouldn’t recommend THAT again to anyone.  Why to get here I had to go through this very tiny passage at the end of my journey that seemed so small if I didn’t come out, I was going to die on the spot.  I was determined though and I simply wouldn’t give up.  I had a MISSION after all and I was going to fulfill it.

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