Explorers Journal From The Pink Planet: Part 4

Pink Planet


Then FINALLY with the help of a twinkling bit of star dust, and with one last push from my Mother, out I came to PLANET EARTH. Mothers are unlike anything else in the world. More on this later.  But suffice it to say, mine was just as special—full of love–even though, and maybe because, much later when I was nearly grown, EVERYTHING she did seemed wrong to me. Mothers are a gift of LIFE here on PLANET EARTH. Fathers too; more, much more on this later.

planet earth exploration


Immediately though, upon landing at PLANET EARTH, I noticed something was drastically wrong. Something hit me and for the first time in my life I sucked in a gulp of air and let out a scream. It was so loud, it made me tremble, the streets rocked and the planet shook. I’m sure they could hear me back HOME and I was considerably embarrassed about what they might think of their newest explorer.  

Who ever thought!  What are they hitting me for?  And what’s this baby body I’m in!  Instantly, right there, right then, I knew I had taken on more than I had bargained for.  How was I going to get exploring in this BABY BODY?  Why!  I couldn’t even move anything except my arms and legs—that’s what the HUMANs call them, those funny things that stretch out in all directions from our hearts. Oh, my! I’ll tell you right now, I was in a pickle from the start.

I didn’t know it then, but found out much later, that Thomas’ entry had been much the same.  Well! We WILL report that once back home.  They simply must find a better entry route.  Why the way we came might have just as easily ended in a thwarted mission—right there at the start.  Fortunately, for both of us—hardy as we are—we took it with a sense of honour.  Despite these indignities, and the terrible landing, we had indeed established our coordinates.  Our journey had begun!

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