Explorers Journal From The Pink Planet: Part 5

Pink Planet

Explorers journal playing with fairies

There was one small problem, however. I forgot immediately what I was supposed to do.  Had you asked me in those days what I was doing, or any such thing about a mission, I would have simply laughed and run off to play with the fairies under our porch.  I spent a lot of time in those days playing with the fairies. We understood each other.

 Explorers journal playing with fairies


I didn’t think anything about Thomas during those days either.  Why I didn’t even know he existed.  Could have cared less! Some friend I AM! And I didn’t really think about much beyond our own house. I did once wander into the poppy field behind our house.  It was orange and green everywhere.  I cried for my MAMA. I was lost already.

It wasn’t as if I was unhappy though.  Quite the contrary.  PLANET EARTH has its perks and I learned a lot during those early days:

If I cried, I got picked up.

If I cried, I got fed.

If I cried, I got my underpants changed.

Oh, my if they could only see me now! It’s really the other way around. But, you see, maybe that’s a saving grace. Because the SHAME is so great and the indignities I suffered so embarrassing, it was a great good fortune I didn’t remember a thing about HOME.  In fact, I began slowly, slowly to think this IS my HOME, my block, my poppy field, my Mother, my Father.   I started to think everything was mine, just like the HUMANS.

My sisters thought the same way: everything was theirs.  My socks! No mine! MAMA! My sisters fought just like ‘cats and dogs,’ they said.  I don’t know why the HUMANS say that.  Up until this day, I never have seen a cat or a dog fight each other. HUMANS though, they seem to know how to fight.  Practice does that for you.

running for cover








I learned to RUN for COVER!

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Thomas and his friend from the PINK PLANET think they are going on vacation together when they volunteer to explore PLANET EARTH. They find through many lost friends and lessons that getting back to the PINK PLANET is more challenging then anticipated. Lucky for them, they have their hearts to guide them.


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