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It might be said:


It might be said: “Well done, Wise and Loving One!” We define Her, With an open ear, Rejoicing in the now. “Be right within; That’s where we are known,” she said. See in each other, Our mirror. We attract I AM in all we do and say. That’s the One I AM, Be there and […]

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Explorers Journal From The Pink Planet: Part 3

Pink Planet

Moons and Suns and STARS later—a second or two, we arrived.  Me, I came in at Latitude, Longitude: 43 29.2′ N, 83 24.1′ W. And, Thomas, well he landed a lifetime away—something I would only come to realize later here on PLANET EARTH—was a long time—at 35.0167° S, 117.8833° E . Being a gentleman, Thomas […]

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